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Announcement Of Cooperation Testex – Schroeder Consulting


    (YorkPedia Editorial):- Beijing, May 16, 2019 ( – 

  • TESTEX & Schroeder ConsultingGermany, have started their cooperation.
  • Schroeder Consulting will support and consult TESTEX for future growth, improvement and customer orientation.

TESTEX, a leading manufacturer of textile testing equipment has started a cooperation with  Dr.Georg Schroeder, owner of Schroeder Consulting, Germany.

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The Schroeder Consulting from Germany, Represented by Dr Georg Schroeder, who has been for nearly 25 years the president of BYK-Gardner.In these 25 years, he successfully led BYK-Gardner to the world leader in instruments for colour and appearance.

“Since its foundation, TEXTES has always been a good follower of ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’, we spent years to be the best one in China with the assistance from consulting from the local consultancy, but if we want to achieve our vision – To be one of TOP 3 provider of testing equipment and solutions for textile products in 5 years-then we need something different, something much more insightful, professional, executable, from the international practical expert” declared Forrest Chiu, CEO of TESTEX, during the cooperation meeting. “And fortunately we found Dr Schroeder, with his support and consult, plus his rich experience in offering world-class instruments and customer service oriented from Germany, we do believe he will bring a significant improvement to our innovative, differentiated textile testing solutions.”

“At TESTEX, I found the mission, vision, and culture are very similar to those when I was in BYK… To be one of the best in a field in the world is very difficult, but this is not the mission impossible if you have right Product Strategies, Managed Service, Real-Time Support, Staff Training, Advice, Continuity(plans for disaster)… You can make it, that’s the key factors for BYK’s success and now, I am going to bring them all to TESTEX. “, said by Dr Schroeder, Owner of Schroeder Consulting.

Dr Schroeder will bring all his experience to support and consult TESTEX for future growth, improvement and customer orientation to become the first-class company in the area of textile testing solutions.

TESTEX has always dedicated ourselves to offer our customers high-grade instruments with excellent services to help our customers be successful in their textile business, we wish you will be one of them soon.


Everybody wears clothes, but only TESTEX who is proficient in the manufacturing, testing and research industry that really understands the full story of clothing. From fiber to fabric and then to garments, every stage of the journey needs to be tested to ensure the right standards for high-class textiles are met. TESTEX is dedicated to offering a wide range of testing equipment as following to bring you high-quality and safe textiles.

TESTEX has concentrated on technical innovations and quality controls for textile testing equipment for over 10 years. With great efforts of self-improvement and cooperative learning, TESTEX is known worldwide for its high-quality products, prompt after-sales service and professional consultation.

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