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STEPP CHYLD’s Music Video ‘Dope’ has Fantastic Hip-hop Beat


Stepp Chyld

Enjoy the fantastic beat in STEPP CHYLD’s music video ‘Dope’. The lines in the track are captivating and it lingers in listeners mind after listening to it once.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Jun 19, 2019 (Issuewire.com) – STEPP CHYLD is an entertaining duo who is rocking the music industry with a brilliant performance. The main subject matter of their music is the single ‘Dope‘ which is a club banger with a catchy hook. They got inspired by Drake, Travis Scott, and Future. Brandon Myers and Nehemiah Smith aka Krunch and Nemo together form STEPP CHYLD. Both the members can attest to the challenges of being different and moving to a unique tempo. Their self-proclaimed genre, Trap&B has earned them placement on shows with mainstream artists such as Jacquees and Young Thug to name a few. Their music has a catchy hook with bagging trap beat which will have head bouncing back and forth. His music video ‘Dope‘ is produced by BlackanNe$e. Each element in the track is so well crafted that it holds the interest of the listeners completely. The track has a simple yet striking beat and builds a strong connection with the audience.  The track has the touches of classic hip-hop and rap beat. There is a presence of intensity and boldness in the performance.

At every step, the lyrics in STEPP CHYLD‘s music video ‘Dope‘ grows stronger and stronger. The track is a structurally compelling and hard-hitting piece of music. They are setting a new mark in the hip-hop music industry. The track has a highly expressive vocal style which effectively represents the underlying emotions of the whole thing. The level of energy rises as the track ‘Dope‘ progresses. The track reflects the central sentiments of the writing really well. The soundscape in the track is natural and quite memorable. The verses and flow of music in the track creates a great impact on the listeners. Each verse is different from one another so it doesn’t make the audience feel monotonous. The musical riff loops out and surrounds the listeners in a calm way.

STEPP CHYLD‘s music video ‘Dope‘ offers some memorable and natural hook. When music video starts the vocal work sets the mood and keeps the audience engrossed till the very end. The track has hard-hitting finishing that keeps the audience impressed. This music video ‘Dope‘ is memorable and refreshingly simple. In this summer he is all set to release his album ‘CHYLS’S PLAY’. If you are in search of his other music video then you must watch YouTube. For more updates about his upcoming music videos and events, you need to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.  

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D O P E by Stepp Chyld

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