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Markdabeast1 On Life Being Internet Celebrity


Markdabeast1 at San Francisco spartan race event


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, May 3, 2019 ( – Markdabeast1 Is A Model and Media Personality with an outstanding physique, he also has a great sense of humour. The 25-year old model has been making a huge impact on social media. With 54 thousand followers, he’s become a big name among the Social-Media stars. With an ever-growing fan base and plans to continue inspiring others with his content in the very near future, Markdabeast1 took a moment to answer some of our sizzling questions in this Exclusive Q&A. See what Markdabeast1 had to say about his life and his career.

Markdabeast1 shares his story

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1. Tell us about your early Instagram and YouTube days. What inspired your ideas?

“I’ve always been excited for trying new things the world has to offer me. I love Instagram, and YouTube, because they are amazing platforms for exposure- travelling across the world and meeting new people throughout my journey, has always been an inspiration for my platforms.”

2. When did you start noticing you were becoming a well known public figure?

“When I started receiving varieties of fan mail, comments and good feedback I really started acknowledging the growth of my audience. I love to make my fans happy and hear others’ opinions so when I see the comments on new posts its always a great reminder of my Followers”.

3. With your following now, how would you categorize yourself? Celeb, model, public figure, or an influencer?

“I like to consider myself a model, influencer, and comedian, I love to entertain my followers across media making others laugh.”

4. A lot of people think it’s easy being an influencer, but don’t see the hard work being put in behind every post. Can you break down an average post for us?

“Well, I always find the best lighting, then take 10-20 photos and pick the best one. I rarely edit, I think there is more beauty in an unedited photo. Then post!”

5. How do you plan to continue to build your reputation as a model and do you think social media will last forever?

“Social media has consumed so much of the entertainment space that I see myself growing and evolving with it, but I’m working on becoming more than just an Instagram fitness model, which has a very short career…I’m trying to become a businessman.”

6. Anything you want to say to your fans/followers?

“I love you all so much, Y’all inspire me every day! Thank you for always being my followers!”

Hey, Markdabeast1 isn’t afraid to be himself and as it turns out, he’s a lot of fun! Be sure to follow Markdabeast1 on Instagram to see where his career takes him next.

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