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RPG catapulted to immense success with animated music video ‘Quiet While I Pray’


Quiet While I Pray by RPG

RPG is a brilliant rap artist who has mesmerized the audience with his new track ‘Quiet While I Pray’. The song has got an exquisite appeal attracting the audience.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- South Bend, Jan 27, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The prolific singer RPG has dished out the most amazing rap song ‘Quiet While I Pray’ which has brought the singer quite a lot of fame and popularity. The singer who is based out of Indiana is a magnificent singer who has got truckloads of talent to make it big in the rap genre. The singer has got a habit of drinking alcohol and claims that he has got a depressed self. But this melancholic state of being has helped him a lot in delivering the kind of music he believes in. He considers himself to be a savant and also a genius who belongs to the Midwest. He executes songs that have sounds and acoustics belonging to a new school and a flamboyant lyrics which makes the entire package an exciting one and very unique, to say the least. The very talented singer has come up with other songs like ‘Rocky’, ‘Rhythm And Flow’, ‘Reckless’ and ‘Boy’. You can listen to his mind-blowing tracks on major streaming platforms like YouTube.

In the track Quiet While I Pray‘ by the fabulous singer RPG there is a fantastic mumble in the rap which is very much vivid in the vocal style of delivery. The story-line of the song is taken from reality which makes it even more organic. The entrancing mood in the song is build up with scintillating elements of fusion. There is a quiet rasp in the song which has been crafted impressively and has got dashes of reality. There is a sustainable pace throughout the song which is very stylish and smartly executed. The vibes in the song rejuvenate the audience as it comes in the backdrop of heavy electronics.

RPG has come up with the usual swagger in the track ‘Quiet While I Pray’ which has an aura of soft funk that has been incorporated subtly. The song imbibes the carefree nature which will make you sway while listening to it. The hook of the song is out of the world with a compelling groove. There is a bounce in the song which is superlative and the audiences are slain by the stunning performance.

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