A virtual fitting room: How a size 16 mum is changing the way we buy clothes online



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Noosa Heads, Feb 5, 2020 ( – A Queensland mum frustrated with the fashion industry’s lack of size 16 options is changing the way we shop online and encouraging Australian brands to expand their range to cater to the curvy community.

Sunshine Coast local Natalie Angel sustains a healthy online shopping habit. After launching a Facebook page for swapping and reselling her size 16 purchases, she quickly realised that she was not alone in feeling misrepresented and at a loss with sizing and fit.

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On a whim, she posted a video of herself trying on clothes to see what the response would be, her aim was to empower women to make more informed choices so they could feel confident to buy online. The response was overwhelming, the brands took notice and the @LetMeTryBeforeYouBuy IGTV & Facebook communities were born.

Natalie’ videos have a wide variety of Australian labels including: Arnhem, Nine Lives, The Self Styler, Country Road, Witchery, Kmart & Seed and are often at the request of her followers and films herself trying on their latest collections, piece by piece. These videos are honest and raw, covering everything from fabric quality and fit, not to mention whether garments are breastfeeding and baby bump-friendly. 

With 3.7 thousand members in her Facebook group chat, and 12 thousand on Instagram, Nat’s influence has quickly spread beyond the size 16 community and is inspiring customers of all sizes to try new styles and brands that they otherwise would have never considered.

“Since Natalie’s try-ons, we have had to adjust our size ratios and the way we manufacture our range drops. The garments in Natalie’s videos sell out so quickly, in some instances we have sold out before the video even ends.” Michelle Delapierre, Saffron Road Fashion.

Natalie is also passionate about helping small and local businesses to gain exposure. These labels rely heavily on customer feedback and are eager to make changes to support their clientele.

@LetMeTryBeforeYouBuy Facebook group allows for an open discussion between customers and provides brands with a unique insight into the needs and concerns of the community. Her live try-ons give viewers the opportunity to ask her questions about the garments as she is wearing them. Many of Natalie’s videos have encouraged brands to rethink their size range and designs to better suit the needs of their customers.

“As a brand, we don’t control the dialogue or the reviews that Natalie publishes, if she doesn’t like something or there is a design element that is not working, she lets us know, It’s that kind of instant feedback and honesty that has been invaluable in increasing our online presence.  Our first launch with Natalie, we sold $23,000 in 24 hours” a recent customer commented. 

@LetMeTryBeforeYouBuy along with other similar video blogs and groups are paving the way to a new way of online shopping. Customers are crying out for more inclusive size ranges and are supporting each other in their fashion purchases through social media communities.

As we turn more and more to online brands and shopping from our devices, we still have the same questions about size, fit and style that we would have when shopping in store. A pretty campaign image is no longer enough to secure a purchase, it’s time to get real. Video try-ons are a fantastic way to virtually try before you buy, helping consumers to make more informed choices and leading brands to make positive changes within their collections and drastically reduce returns for the customer and the brand.

For more information IGTV @letmetrybeforeyoubuy or Facebook- letmetrybeforeyoubuy-The Group Chat

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