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‘KILL ME TODAY…’ By Janina Dietz Reaches Out to the Audience through the High Pitched Volume


Janina Dietz

Janina Dietz toys with the richest elements of the Rock genre in her latest track ‘KILL ME TODAY…’ The track has touched the most satisfying parts of the genre.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Munich, Feb 6, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The track ‘Kil Me Today…’ is exciting for more than enough reasons – the core of the soundtrack, in particular, is a collection of some of the most exquisite ingredients of the genre Rock that is surrounded by instrumentation that can even rejuvenate a stopped heartbeat. The rock melodies are so smooth yet captivating that one can never get out of the generated ambiance. Produced under Comand Records, this is certainly one of the most fascinating tracks of the renowned artist Janina Dietz.

Being the title track of the movie ‘Kill Me Today, TOMORROW I`M SICK!‘, the sound had to be majestic, and it would be needless to mention that the impact is of such a great scale that your heart starts beating at a relatively high rate, giving those goosebumps moments that one craves for. ‘Kill Me Today…‘ is killing the international charts, just like the previous tracks of Janina Dietz‘Last Girl Standing’, ‘By Your Side’, The Crown Of Life’, ‘Lover’, etc.

It was expected from an artist of her stature to deliver a powerful track like ‘Kill Me Today…’ and there is certainly no doubt that she has delivered her best. The track takes you on an energetic ride, binding you within the majestic musical ingredients and ultimately leaving no path of escape. The musical package demanded a strong performance and Janina Dietz did the justice with it. She is available on the platforms of Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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