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Mo Trilla and Flozure Break the Saturation of Hip Hop with the Track ‘Guwop’


Mo Trilla  Guwop

Great vibes filling the room with touch of intensity and passion – ‘Guwop’ by the famous artists Mo Trilla and Flozure is pure bliss for the genre of Hip Hop.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jacksonville, Feb 6, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Hip hop seems to be taking a whole new direction in the recent years, fusing the richest ingredients of the genre, be it from the yesteryear or the unique approach towards music-making, the contemporary music world is going through a transformation and this can be observed in the latest track Guwop. Engineered under the supervision of two of the most talented artists of the industry – Mo Trilla and Flozure, this track has been designed with some unquestionable musicianship that has transformed the track into a timeless classic and one to remember for a long time. This track has its own rules, following a strong desire of connecting to the audience through pure artistry and creativity – showered with blissful soundscape and lyricism.

The light vibes give a funky feel to the overall structure and provide a fine balance to the fusion of various elements – be it dark or weighty. Then the soundscape kicks through the captivating backdrop, making way for the vocals of the performer. ‘Guwop’ is flawless in all of its terms and this applauding factor is its true driving force. The rhythmical journey that the track wants the listeners to take on doesn’t miss a mark, touching the sweetest spots of the genre, and ticking all the boxes of creative measurements. The intention can be tasted through the lyricism and the consistency with which the words have been spoken out.

Both Mo Trilla and Flozure have done a tremendous job in captivating the minds of the audience and leaving no loophole for them to escape. However, the audience gets to experience escapism through the brilliance of the sound effects and the intoxicating vibes. There is something more than normal music in this track that leaves you spellbound and something that none can take his/her ear off. The level of appreciation that has been presented through the connectivity of various ingredients of ‘Guwop’ magnifies the impact. Apart from all of these, the production under 4LM is also supreme. The uplifting bounce and the multilayered synths cannot be neglected at all. Both artists can be heard on YouTube. Subscribe to the YouTube channel of Mo Trilla and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to experience more.

Enjoy this ‘Guwop’ hip hop music video by  Mo Trilla on youtube

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