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My Hip Smart Tracks and Alerts Consumers of their Warranties and offers


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Feb 8, 2020 ( – New Patented App that Tracks and Alerts Consumers of their Warranties and offers is Officially Launched  has launched their new warranty tracking with alerting is now available in both the google and apple stores. Warranties are part of consumer purchases. Most are included in the purchase and some can be added on with the purchase.

Purchases can be from the manufacturer and some are from a third party. The app allows the consumer to simply load in the start, end date and actual file of warranty and then it sends them timely reminders of their expiration date. Categories can be from a home warranty, automotive (with actual mileage but no GPS devices), watercraft, motorcycle, RV, electronics or any other warranty that the consumer wishes to track.  Recalls, coupons and online offers also can be documented and tracked with the patented alerting. Tracking and alerting in the automotive market is very important to all owner. Manufacturers can change the terms for the better or worse. Last year VW added 1 year to all new car warranties to increase the incentive to buy their autos. This year Hyundai added 3 years of free maintenance to its new auto warranties. But there are also decreases in warranty coverage like the recent changes that Tesla made taking away coverage of some of their product’s coverage. This is why it is important to track and have documentation in the app when you need to prove your entitled coverage at service departments.

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As the app is designed for the owner of their automobiles, it also partners with the owner’s dealership. The service online service appointments, records, recalls, offers, new car offers are all available to the user. Another advantage is the fact that the app actually has the true elements of the consumers’ warranties. Robocalls to sell consumers unneeded extended warranties are designed to scare consumers into thinking they have or are about to fall out of their warranties. The app clarifies the facts. 

Wayne Merry Founder discovered the need for this platform when his home and contents were totally destroyed several years ago. “Helping people save money and time is our main core goal.”

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