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Erica Ross takes the magnificence of R-B to a whole new level with ‘The One’


Bringing the awesomeness of the R&B genre back into the trend – the track ‘The One’ by Erica Ross has entranced the audience with a delightful and calming ambiance.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Conyers, Feb 10, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The sound in ‘The One’ has a soulful flow to its overall structural arrangement and what’s more intriguing about the track is that all the ingredients that have been used in the construction are connected to each other through the scintillating performance of Erica Ross. The leading vocal performance is as enchanting as it can get. The gorgeous tone along with the pleasurable vocals impresses the soul of the audience from the very beginning to the absolute end.

Each and every element shines bright through the simple development of this track and the immense effort put into this creation is pretty clear from the overall impact. The more you progress into the track, the more the track binds you within the structural intricacies. The performance of Erica Ross is sensational and something that none can resist. The One‘ builds around the smooth soundscape and captivating backdrop and reaches out to the inner soul of the music lovers. The instrumentation plays a key role here, not letting the intensity drop a single bar, demanding attention from the listeners.

The track is powerful, even with all the intricate details; the genre, the style of delivery, the direction of musical ingredients – to say the least, ‘The One’ can turn on your musical senses from the moment you press the play button and help you escape from the real world. The engaging performance of Erica Ross spirals around the listeners, leaving them with more than enough elements to take away from the track. You can connect to her through SoundCloud, Spotify, and Instagram.

Must listen to this track on Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/track/5t8cnamgcIc0yl4PIBCL54

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