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Imperfect Soul expresses his radiant sense of musicality through his latest video ‘RISE OF THE PHOENIX’


RISE OF THE PHOENIX by Imperfect Soul

Imperfect Soul emerges with a stylish rap flow and a surprisingly attractive soundscape with his music video ‘RISE OF THE PHOENIX’ that showcases his creative flair.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Thibodaux, Feb 18, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Imperfect Soul arrives in the music industry with much style and spontaneity with his latest creative project that speaks a lot on behalf of the artist’s capability. The project is thoroughly entertaining and what catches the attention for the beginning is the rappers freestyle rap approach. Rarely do the audience come across a full-length project that celebrates frees styling, but the latest music video by the rapper is stuffed with an intriguing set of visuals as well. Hip-hop has changed over the years and with such creative and commendable work forms, the rapper is certainly going to mark his realm in the music scene very soon. From the bright mood of storytelling to the inescapable grooviness of the beats, everything seems to be well arranged and the quality simply runs throughout the length of the track.

On his latest music video ‘RISE OF THE PHOENIX’ Imperfect Soul has put in his everything to make it sound supremely catchy and memorable in a likable manner. Just like the title of the track, the artist is a phoenix by his personality who believes in rising from the ashes every time he is burned down to ashes. The extremely well-presented track starts with a constant image of a phoenix which is accompanied by timely thundering. The artist soon catches up with the track with his captivating and smooth rap that sounds fully entertaining. His rap rides alongside the flow of distorted instrumentals and a consistent beat that keeps the good mood at the forefront. Essentially, the listener gets to witness an artist who is just happy to perform in a contributing manner by utilizing his voice fully.

The song RISE OF THE PHOENIX shows the rapper’s vast imagination in an unconcerned setting as he utters the most challenging and intriguing words with ease and boldness. Coming from the United States, Imperfect Soul is a 21yeras old artist from Louisiana who has been writing for over a year now and had gained his interest in music since the age of seven. The subject matter of his music is lyrical storytelling and the artist conveys his inner thoughts in a fully versatile way. With his new and very different sense of bars and flows, the rapper has a unique style of music that seems very appealing to the listeners. Watch the video on YouTube and follow the artist on Instagram for more updates.

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