Kalemeal.com Proposes a Remarkable Perk to Bay-Area Employees $3 Farm-to-Table Meals to Encourage Wellness



Healthy group meals would be a dream come true for many Bay Area companies.
Kalemeal.com is striving to make that happen.


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Feb 21, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Eating right leads to more energy and productivity without argument. Most would say more happiness as well. Kalemeal.com is presenting an eye-opening program to bring delicious and healthy Farm-to-Table meals to Bay Area companies, in an incredibly affordable way. Kalemeal is currently testing interest which, so far, is high and rising. The empowering model will have participating companies subsidizing the meals, with employees contributing $3 themselves and the companies covering the rest.

“Healthy meals is preventive medicine,” commented Kate Lee, founder of the new company.
“That means less sick days, more productivity at work and more positive energy. For $3 a
meal, how can you beat that!”

The food itself is prepared in ghost kitchens and restaurants. Group meals help keep down costs and those savings are passed onto customers. Ingredients are simple, locally-sourced, with as many organic ingredients as possible, keeping with the spirit of the company.

Kalemeal.com considers itself a new current in the Wellness Movement, where healthy food acts as preventive medicine. The beta is coming soon with the current objective of getting employees to express interest, simply by signing up their email and sharing the good news with coworkers via kalemeal.com.

With this list in hand, Kalemeal can then present itself and their service to the CEOs, founder, and other decision-makers who would like to offer a super perk to the employees of startups -and mid-size companies. The end result is a win-win; companies take care of their people and employees work harder. Kalemeal comes in a bento box with a choice of two veggies, one carb, and one protein – a balanced, well-apportioned meal delivered straight to companies.

To learn more be sure to visit https://www.kalemeal.com,

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