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Medical Professional Extends his Influence into the Literary World


Retired orthopedic surgeon, Justin Howland, MD, may have left the field of medicine, but his legacy lives on as he enters the literary scene.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Pittsburg, Feb 28, 2020 ( – Dr. Howland is the author of four published books. He was also entrusted to edit and publish the manuscripts of two notable writers – one is his great grandfather, Willis Piper and the other is his fellow orthopedic surgeon, Joseph Kovacic, MD. With these, Dr. Howland was able to come up with a selection of books that covers his life as a young bonesetter in the old west, his pursuit of orthopedics, and more.

Included in this collection is Dr. Howland’s A California Bonesetter’s Autobiography wherein he narrates his life growing up in western Massachusetts until he reached Redding, California to practice orthopedic surgery. Another selected book is also by Dr. Howland, a scholastic publication entitled A History of Orthopedics. The third is Cowboy and Surgeon and is still written by Dr. Howland.  In this particular biography, Dr. Howland writes about the adventures of an American cowboy and surgeon. Fourth in the list is Dr. Howland’s high regards to a fellow doctor expressed through his book, Life and Lectures of Lent Johnson, MD. The fifth book is written by Dr. Howland’s great grandfather, Willis Eaton Piper. The late Willis E. Piper’s The Pipers of Pueblo is concocted to depict important events in history through reliving the memories left behind by the author. Completing the collection is written by Dr. Howland’s fellow orthopedic surgeon, Joseph Kovacic, MD, wherein the latter shares his successful escape from the ruthless communist regime through his biography, Escape from Slovenia.

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A California Bonesetter’s Autobiography

Written by Justin Howland, MD

E-book | $5.99

Paperback | $11.99

Hardcover | $18.99

A History of Orthopedics

Written by Justin Howland, MD

E-book | $5.99

Paperback | $8.59

Hardcover | $15.99

Cowboy and Surgeon: A Biography of Bill Magladry, M.D.

Written by Justin Howland, MD

E-book | $9.99

Paperback | $20.00

Life and Lectures of Lent Johnson, MD

Written by Justin Howland, MD

E-book | $5.99

Paperback | $10.99

Hardcover | $15.99

The Pipers of Pueblo

Written by Willis Eaton Piper

E-book | $5.99

Paperback | $9.99

Hardcover | $15.99

Escape from Slovenia

Written by Joseph Kovacic, MD

E-book | $1.99

Paperback | $10.99

Hardcover | $16.99

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