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Rabbi Yehudah Glick Prays For China on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Calls on Chinese Rulers to Repent


Rabbi Yehuda Glick Speaks on Jerusalem

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Jerusalem, Mar 1, 2020 ( – “Our hearts go out to the victims, but here is the warning to the rulers of China. Repent until it is too late. We pray that God will give you wisdom and courage to change your ways,” said Rabbi Glick.

Rabbi Yehudah Glick, former Member of Knesset, Israeli Parliament, from the ruling Likud Party, President of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation and prominent advocate of the right of all nations to freely pray on the Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (#TempleMount4All)released a video sending his prayers to the Chinese people in the light of coronavirus but also calling on its leaders to repent for the “abomination” of their human rights abuses blaming it for the virus outbreak.

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“Dear brothers and sisters in China. I am staying on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Almighty God has promised that this Mountain will become the House of Prayer for all Nations. God has commanded the Jews to pray here for all the world. And today on behalf of all Israel, we pray here for you – for the Chinese people”, said Glick in the video. “The deadly virus causes a lot of suffering to your people. We cry to Heavens asking God to stop the virus. We pray for Almighty to send his wisdom to medics to develop speedily the vaccine which will stop this virus. We pray for Almighty to comfort the relatives of those who died from this virus. But here is also a warning to the rulers of China”.
Rabbi Glick spoke on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount – the holiest site in Judaism where two Biblical Jewish Temples stood.

“Thus says the Lord God of Israel: stop persecuting believers in the Bible”, proclaimed Rabbi Glick. “Stop using forced labour. Stop harvesting organs for transplants from political prisoners. This is an abomination. This is Terrible Evil in God’s eyes. And God will punish all the evildoers. Repent until it is too late”.

“We pray that God will give you wisdom and courage to change your ways”, concluded Rabbi Glick. “We pray that you will stop bringing God’s wrath on your country. When King Solomon built here the Temple, he asked the Almighty to hear every prayer offered here. This blessing is valid. It works. And our prayer will be heard – this virus will be stopped and terrible abuse of human rights in China will stop as well – in the name of the Almighty God. Chinese people will come here and join us in prayer on this Holy Mountain”.

Rabbi Glick heads the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation which struggles for the freedom of universal worship on the Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. “This a Biblical promise: that the Temple Mount will become a House of Prayer for all nations, a true center of the unity of mankind, a place of peace and human brotherhood”, says Glick.

Currently, on the site of Temple Mount stay two mosques. Most of the enormous walled Temple’s compound does not have any buildings but Islamic radicals oppose the right of Jews and Christians to pray anywhere on the site. Rabbi Glick was shot in the chest at point-blank range 4 times by a Palestinian terrorist for his activism in 2014 and nearly died.

Fearing violence from Islamists the Government of Israel restricts the religious rights of Christians and especially observant Jews on this holy site.

Many Israeli politicians and tens of thousands of Jews demand that the State of Israel takes steps against Islamists’ incitement and violence rather than against peaceful Jews who are only seeking to fulfill their religious commandments of praying on the Temple Mount.

“I will continue the completely just struggle to make the Temple Mount a house of prayer for all nations, without any discrimination against anyone,” says Rabbi Glick. “I call on the public from Israel and the world to join the global campaign of the Shalom Jerusalem Foundation, which includes posting and tweeting with the hashtag #TempleMount4all.”


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