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Bangalore City Summer Camp enters World Book of Records


World book of record

Anuhya summer camp

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bengaluru, Mar 3, 2020 ( – Anuhya Summer Camp conducted by the well-known life skill trainer from the city Dr. Ruupa Rao listed in the World Book of Records. This has been included as it was strictly adhering to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. 
S Shukla, chairman, World Book of Records made this announcement. “This is the summer camp where positive energy and thoughts are infused among the participants,” he informed.
Ruupa Rao-Ceo of Noble institute of education informed that from science to spirituality, from dance to adventures, several activities are conducted in this camp which will be held for ten days every year.”We are the only summer camp in the state where ten life skills which suggested by the World Health Organisation are taught,” she said. Dr Lakshmipati R Rao, one of the organisers said this camp is unique in many ways.

“The camp routine includes learning sessions through the day, application sessions, entertainment, meeting other campers, campfire sessions etc. Kids are encouraged to develop their own style of learning to do various things. Unlike a class that goes by a written textbook material, Anuhya Summer Camp learning sessions focus on a more practical way of learning the subject. Kids get to understand and develop new methods of learning that are convenient for them. They are encouraged and nudged towards exploring with a why not attitude that lets them learn much more than in a classroom and textbook setup,” explained Ruupa Rao.

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