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Could the Inner Child be the Key to Solving Addiction?


Clinician Develops New Treatment Method for Managing Destructive Disorders

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Marietta, Mar 2, 2020 ( – Pornography and sex addictions are reaching epidemic portions and results in destructive consequences for individuals including broken relationships, job loss, eroded self-worth, and in some cases legal issues.

While there are many methods available for treating these disorders, many individuals who have sought treatment continue to struggle with this compulsive problem.

Eddie Capparucci, LPC, C-CSAS, a counselor who specialists in sex and pornography addictions, has created a new and unique treatment method that he believes will offer new hope for thousands of individuals locked in the darkness of this addiction.

The Inner Child Recovery Process for the Treatment of Sexual and Pornography Addiction is based on years of success in treating men suffering from the disorder. 

“The key to the Inner Child Recovery Process is engaging in self-reflection and answering the “why” question,” says Capparucci, who has a private practice in Marietta, GA. “Why have sex and pornography overtaken my life? I believe the answer to the question can be found in our Inner Child.

“The Inner Child is a storage unit of emotional pain points we endured as children, adolescents, and teenagers,” he continued. “Over the years, those struggling with this addiction have repressed or suppressed those past hurts. However, they still haunt us today when negative events current that activates our inner child.”

This unique and interactive treatment approach empowers individuals by helping them understand “why” they engage in addictive behaviors. This knowledge allows them to stay one step ahead of their addiction by being alert to the core emotional triggers that activate their Inner Child. 

When activated, the Inner Child will correlate current negative events to painful events and emotions of the past. He will seek to escape the pain by having the addict distract himself by engaging in destructive sexual behaviors. This is done to provide the Inner Child with his only need – comfort.

When the Inner Child is activated, an individual struggling with addiction will compulsively turn to sexual behaviors because they are not aware of their Inner Child and the emotions that trouble him. By becoming familiar with the child, his core emotional triggers and the techniques necessary to comfort him, individuals can take an active role in successfully managing their sexual addiction.

Some of the 9 children include the Bored Child, the Emotionally Voided Child, the Unnoticed Child, and the Unaffirmed Child.

“It is not uncommon for clients to resonant with three to six different children types,” said Capparucci, who is the author of Going Deeper: How the Inner Child Impacts Your Sexual Addiction. “But the key to the process is uncovering the core emotional triggers that activate each of those inner child that leads to compulsive behavior in an attempt to escape from emotional distress.”

The Inner Child Recovery Process has been endorsed by major leaders in the behavioral addiction field including Dr. Rob Weiss, PhD, MSW, an expert in the treatment of adult intimacy disorders and addictions and author of numerous books including Sex Addiction 101.

“This is an excellent and necessary examination of the ‘why’ of sex and porn addiction, helpful primarily to men in sexual recovery who’ve established initial sobriety and need deeper, longer-term work to heal and remain sober,” says Dr. Weiss.

“What’s so beneficial about this process is individuals not only learn to stay one step ahead of their addiction,” Capparucci commented. “They also learn how to become more emotionally attached and learn to appreciate the true value of relationships.”

Author’s Bio

Eddie Capparucci is a licensed therapist, certified in the treatment of sexual and pornography addiction. He and his wife, Teri, have a private practice in Marietta, GA working with men struggling with sex/porn addiction, as well as their wives who are dealing with betrayal. Among his many clients, Eddie has worked with professional athletes including NFL and MLB players and television personalities. He is the administrator of the websites and

He serves as the clinical director for the National Decency Coalition, an organization working to help limit the access of pornography to minors while educating about the harmful impact of pornography on individuals, relationships, and society. Over the years, he has spoken to numerous organizations regarding the adverse impact pornography has on individuals, relationships, and society. His first book is entitled Removing Your Shame Label: Learning to Break Free of Shame and Feel God’s Love.

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