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Amongst security vendors yelling for attention, Black Alchemy Solutions os whispers deafening results.


The market is inundated with flashy lights and marketing antics of the “cyber trend” today. That’s fine with us, We have no interest in being anything but THE solution people can trust when it really matters. Jasun Tate CEO Black Alchemy

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The Silent and Secretive Cyber Crisis Mitigation Firm

In a dramatic effort to shift the tides of the image of privacy and security to the cyber crisis management firm, Black Alchemy Solutions Group is taking as a unique approach to the market as it is with its name.


                     “Providing Bespoke and Custom Tailored Security Solutions”

Its founder Jasun Tate having spent over 20 years in both the Physical and Cyber Security field for a wide array of US Intelligence Agencies, Department of Defense Units and Classified Security Contractors across the globe, believes that the “one size fits all” solutions provided in the past are an obsolete offering.

Black Alchemy Solutions is not your everyday security firm, and nor do they classify themselves as one.

Consisting of an elite team of former US Special Operations, US Intelligence Operatives, and Information Assurance  Social Engineering greats, this outfit appears at first glance to be the product of a “Jason Bourne and “Now You See Me” film.

“We understand that many are quickly coming to the realization that the plug and play solutions they purchased in the past, simply do not work today.

And what they have been sold as a security solution, protection team, or unhackable application, simply claim to do way more than what ACTUALLY do ” CEO Jasun Tate says about the current state of play in the world of cybersecurity. 

Offering only glimpses of its acumen by way of highly illuminating real-world Twitter and Instagram posts of what they call “Cyber Realities and Americas Illusion of Privacy” by way of engaging topics such as

Using Data Breach Data and a Laser Printer to Cross the US / Mexico Border

How to interview a security vendor before buying their services

The Truth Vs The Myth in the Infosec community

How to search your car for GPS Tracking Devices

From the looks of it, this hybrid security, intelligence, and cyber “fixer” firm are out to blaze a path toward new dawn in the security industry.

Black Alchemy Solutions Group can be reached “securely” at the contacts below and if you have the time it will most definitely not be a waste of time reviewing the CEO’s extensive LinkedIn posts here that will surely open your eyes.

Secure Line /Signal 310.409.7481

Wire Messenger @NewDan0x

Media Contact

Black Alchemy Solutions Group a bits&digits company

[email protected]


Black Alchemy Solutions Group a bits&digits company
Black Alchemy Solutions is the hands on, no solution unturned crisis mitigation firm like no other, ever to exist.

What Do We Do?

We fix problems for People, Institutions, Politicians and all others that find themselves in a situation that the answers aren’t presenting themselves to.
[email protected]


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