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MindEasy Launched Free 7 Day Personalized Meditation Course


(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, Mar 4, 2020 ( – MindEasy meditation course has been trusted by thousands of people worldwide. Meditation is an effective way to overcome stress, anxiety, addiction, get better sleep, more focus, and more.


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MindEasy, a leading online meditation course, is offering a tailored free meditation course. Free for all people who are facing problems in their life. MindEasy is the best place to learn meditation in the right way at your way. Personalized meditation is created for an individual who wants to be free from stress, anxiety, and addiction. The course is also beneficial to boost focus, improve memory, lose weight, better sleep, and more. The 7-day course that changing life quality is guided by real meditation teachers. The teachers are hand-picked, trained, and expertized in their field.


Mindfulness meditation is a way of encouraging people to be aware of their internal and external experiences – the body’s thoughts, feelings, and sensations, including breathing that can calm the mind and ease tension. MindEasy wants to introduce meditation to the public through free, guided meditation. They can access MindEasy official website at and choose interactive free meditation course options to start your journey into the meditation. MindEasy’s teacher will assist so you can meditate independently. 


MindEasy approach to guided meditation coaching is very different from anything people ever experienced before. With tailored courses based on personal requirements and guided by professional meditation teachers, any goals can be achieved easily. When you finished the meditation course, some benefits such as feeling happier and healthier, control negative thoughts, learn to be in the present, brush off depressive symptoms, enjoy better sleep, reduce stress, and anxiety can be achieved easily.


“MindEasy really helped me explore my interest in meditation. Many applications that I tried in the past were not entirely interesting to me because of the lack of spiritual content. It’s nice to have a more spiritual choice in the sessions that I walk in. “ Daphne Jones – London, UK


“After completing my MindEasy course, I felt I had the skills to really know what I was doing and to progress and start my own practice.” Mia French – Sydney, Australia


About MindEasy 


MindEasy is a platform to start a journey into meditation. It’s the best meditation platform on the internet. The free 7-day course provided is easy to follow meditation for beginners. Their personalized courses have helped thousands of people worldwide overcome their problems such as anxiety, lack of sleep, lack of concentration, and any other issues that can be solved with meditation. Besides providing the free course, MindEasy website is also providing knowledge of 14 science-based benefits of meditating. For more information and join the free course, please visit

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