German Serial Entrepreneur to Announce Next Project


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Berlin, Mar 6, 2020 ( – The 21-year-old Lukas Heining is, in any case, an entrepreneurial exception. His main endeavor, a digital marketing company called Vibrand Media has recently launched a new project called NYBL.

NYBL stands for Not Your Basic Label and is a fashion brand aligned with the style of Gen Z. Bold designs and empowering messages, combined with high-quality products and environmentally friendly distribution are the ingredients it takes, says the young CEO of the company. The main sales channel will be pretty much just TikTok” according to the company. TikTok is a rising social media platform that has gained a lot of popularity recently, especially for young people it has become the new go-to platform. The agency Vibrand Media is associated with several large TikTok accounts and has a wide network of influencers on the app. The launch of the new direct to consumer brand NYBL is therefore not surprising to insiders.

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It’s going to be interesting whether or not the fast-paced Chinese social media network can deliver a steady flow of customers and economical success for new, emerging brands such as NYBL and others.

Vibrand Media was founded in 2019 and quickly emerged to one of the leading media startups in Germany. It is a marketing company specialized in video production and distribution and one of the first business to use the emerging platform TikTok as a driver for its a success.

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