Wapcar review: 2020 Honda BR-V in Malaysia, Get the first glimpse of this masterpiece!


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Recently, Honda officially announced the newest version of its BR-V model. The 2020 Honda BR-V, a new seven-seater B -Segment SUV with a 1.5-L engine, will be launched in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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How Does It Look?

For the exterior, the BR-V still uses the latest Honda family design in Malaysia, the overall visual effects of the front face form the “X” shape of the design. In the details, the intake grille and headlights are all redesigned, and the trapezoid elements in the front bumper and the fog lights on both sides look very stylish, with a double-waist line on the side and a polyline shape on the bottom edge of the window. The sidelines, however, look more or less complicated. Moreover, Honda loves to add red elements in its body design, while BR-V 2020 uses a more simple style and mainly in white.

As for the interior decoration, the interior of BR-V has a strong sense of hierarchy, and the function keys on the center console are arranged irregularly. In terms of configuration, it is reported that the new car has two front airbags, electronic body stabilization system and ramp assistance. BR-V is designed with three rows and seven seats, with a 2+3+2 layout. The top of the second row is also equipped with air conditioning outlets.

How about the Price Range?

There are two models of 2020 BR-V, 1.5 E and 1.5 V. The BR-V Prices are RM 80,989 for BR-V 1.5 E and RM87,701 for BR-V 1.5 V. The recommended choice of the price range is the 1.5V. Since the price gap between these two models isn’t that big and the 1.5V’s added reverse camera is necessary for a family-used SUV of this size and height.

Compared with the price of its rival Perodua Alza, (RM 54,290 to RM 62,690), Alza is the cheapest alternative car but it’s almost old fashion and it doesn’t come with electronic stability control, which is considered a basic safety feature nowadays. What’s more, the BR-V has higher cost-efficiency by offering more well-balanced handling and a ride that’s the most comfortable than any of its rivals.

The highlights of this Honda BR-V that could be bonus points are as follows: decent ride comfort for an MPV, fuel-efficient powertrain, handsome exterior design, an 8-inch touch screen head unites with WebLine and keyless entry with a push start. These advantages make it the most affordable car among the sedans with this equipment.

Meanwhile, there are also some disadvantages of BR-V: there is no side, curtain airbags or centre armrest. The infotainment system is poor. But none of these cons has affected this BR-V to be popular in the Asian market.

Besides, this Honda BR-V is built mainly for the Asian market. The future may enter domestic sales. Judging from the current love for seven-seater SUV in the Asian market, especially the domestic market, the seven-seater SUV has a good chance of gaining a foothold in the domestic market in the future. So there is no reason why the car will not choose to enter the domestic market, it may only be a matter of time.

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