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QUANTUM IT, New Zealand Offers Alternative Attendance Solution to beat Coronavirus danger


Coronavirus vs Facial Registration

An Alternative online Facial Registration system which keeps people safe!

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Auckland, Mar 10, 2020 ( – Coronavirus has affected thousands worldwide and is expected to continue for the next 9 months or more. One area of danger is the Biometric Attendance device as COVID 19 is transmitted through contact. It is very important to eliminate the danger of a BIOMETRIC ATTENDANCE DEVICE in a workplace as a medium of transmission of COVID 19

With this in mind, Quantum IT New Zealand in collaboration with an award-winning technology company is offering Attendance Facial Registration for companies as an alternative

Facial Registration works on an employee’s mobile phone and all it needs is for the employee to click a selfie when they are in the office and their attendance is registered. It is a browser-based system and works on any mobile which has internet, irrespective of the manufacturer. It needs no installation since it is browser-based and so does not ask to access images, contacts or other information on a person’s mobile thus protecting privacy. It takes 30 minutes to set up the system online. After that, an SMS or WhatsApp link is sent to the employee.  Information gathered is stored on the cloud where authorized personnel of the company can access the information and even change it if people have forgotten to register attendance 

For further information, implementation, or a demo via a remote session for direct clients or resellers who might be interested, please contact  Quantum IT New Zealand at [email protected]  

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