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App for Contractors that will Track and Alert of Equipment Rentals



(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Mar 10, 2020 ( – The American Rental Association (ARA) has forecast that equipment rental costs will be close to $60 Billion dollars by the year 2021. Contractors are making the decision to rent equipment as part of their business strategy. This process conserves capital as contractors have a small expenditure in renting equipment rather than purchasing outright. Another plus to their bottom line is the fact that they can save on maintenance and storage costs that they would have if they owned the equipment.

The ARA forecasts in the next few years the renting of construction equipment will continue to be the preference of many contractors of all sizes.

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So it is very important that the contractors can track and manage these rentals in real-time and efficiently. An app being developed by Myhipsmart Technologies headed by Wayne M. Merry is utilizing it’s patented tracking and alerting platform to assist contractors in this market. Myhipsmart has developed a B2C app for warranty and coupon alerting and also a B2B for transporting of patients to medical centers.

The app is the hub for the contractor’s management to track the estimated time of their contracts/rentals and sends alerts counting down the return day(s). This can save hundreds of dollars per piece of equipment that are under contracts noting specifics like location, contract file, type of equipment and the most important the confirmation of termination from their rental companies. Screen colors for easier viewing on sites as well as language modes are also liked by beta testers. Plus all in real-time.

Merry is interested in pilot programs in the Florida region as well as potential partnering.

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