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Jelessi Skin Care Products From Orogold Cosmetics


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Mar 10, 2020 ( – Customers who have experienced the phenomenal benefits of OroGold Cosmetics are often on the lookout for new items from the company. The Jelessi line from OroGold is a collection of tools and devices that make it easier to apply OroGold creams and cleansers onto the skin. If you’re interested in learning more about Jelessi products, these items could help you use OroGold skincare items more efficiently.

The Photonix-2 Eye Wand from Jelessi heightens the performance of eye serums by boosting collagen production and stimulating blood flow. The wand utilizes heat and infrared technology to make crow’s feet smoother and reduce inflammation under the eyes. When you use the wand, you’ll notice that the skin is instantly refreshed and your eyes look brighter.

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Photonix also offers the Photonix-3 Neck Solution to reduce the look of loose skin and necklace lines. People often forget their neck when it comes to skin treatment and OroGold makes it easier to moisturize and condition the skin on the neck as well. The product emits low-level LED wavelengths to target the outer and inner layers of the skin to stimulate the function of the fibroblast and make the neck appear and feel smoother.

Customers who want to stimulate blood circulation and reduce deep facial lines and wrinkles can try the JelessiTorche V2+ emits safe LED light and combines the perks of infrared technology and heat therapy. This device makes the skin smoother and firmer. You can also try the JelessiTorche V2+Amber Light which delivers amber light therapy. This device targets dark spots, sun damage, and redness. The Amber Light is a dual-mode device that boosts lymphatic flow and gets rid of spots on the complexion that are too dark or too light. The device is non-surgical and painless but offers spa-quality facial treatments that customers can perform in the comfort of their own homes.

OroGold Cosmetics is well known for high-quality ingredients that make Jelessi products especially effective. Humectants are one of the most potent ingredients in OroGold serums and moisturizers. Humectants are very effective in combating dry skin and form hydrogen bonds with molecules of water that come from the deeper layers of the dermis. Humectants are attracted to moisture and deliver the water molecules to the outermost skin layer, which is often comprised of dead skin cells. Humectants hydrate the skin and make the complexion softer and supple. Natural humectants like hyaluronic, glycerin, honey and aloe are often included in OroGold Cosmetics products, as well as synthetic humectants like silicones, PEGs, and propylene glycol.

There are also several beneficial acids in OroGold products. Using Jelessi products helps to further incorporate these acids into the skin. AHAs and BHAs are hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin. The acids can also treat several different skin concerns by boosting new skin cell turnover.

OroGold Canada and Jelessi products work together to provide professional results for every part of the face and neck.  

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