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Spankn New Music Has Mesmerized the Audience with His New Track ‘TIRED’ With Vintage Hip Hop


Spankn New Music

Spankn New Music has bedazzled the audience with the delectable music video ‘TIRED’. The most intriguing track is dished out by the New York music producer.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bronx, Mar 11, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Spankn New Music is a producer who has ventured into music production and has accomplished his objectives with flying colors. He has dished out the immensely popular music video ‘TIRED’ in rap and hip hop genre which has an impeccable anthem-like feel. The New York music producer is a multifaceted person who has also tried his luck in songwriting and music engineering and has triumphed with glory. He has been a veteran in music production with over 20 years of experience and owns a production house called ‘Spankn New Music’ with futuristic facilities. He has made a recent entry in the professional music arena with a bang. As a youngster, he was blown away by hip hop’s golden era and this strong influence helped him kicking off his pursuit in the musical arena. The songs produced by him have got a unique sound. More impetus is put into the feel of the song rather than making it trendy which makes the songs a class apart from the contemporary rap songs.

In the exquisite track TIRED‘ by Spankn New Music, the landscape of the hip hop has freshness as a sense of bliss is created with the immaculate vocal style of delivery. The hook of the song has a modern sound and the vocal tone is subtle. The track shines brilliantly right from the outset with brilliant musicianship. You can log into the Instagram handle of the talented music producer to know more about his latest and forthcoming projects and also have a look at the shared pictures and videos.

In the track dished out by the music producer, there are soulful emotions that have been crafted impressively with elements of fusion. The disturbing scenes in the music video will bring tears to your eyes which gives it an organic touch. In the track, there are loads of funk and swagger which makes it breathtaking. There is a stupendous bounce that is flabbergasting. The exceptional performance has gleefully engaged innumerable audiences. Youtube is a major trending platform where you can get logged in and enjoy the remarkable music video dished out by the music producer. 

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