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In the valley of shadows of COVID19 hysteria, FEEVR’s Distance Detection System allows you to see no evil.


FEEVR COVID19 Distance Detection System

Enter FEEVR:
One of the worlds first Non Contact COVID19 Proximity Detection Systems.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Mar 14, 2020 ( – While the world is busy navigating valleys of fear around the Corona Virus, a solution prevails that allows people to FEEVR No Evil. 

                                                      Enter FEEVR:

          One of the world’s first No-Contact COVID19 Proximity Detection Systems.

To address the current State of Emergency most countries have found themselves victim to, FEEVR answers the call to action with the ability to “Mark Safe” locations, employment offices and other public gathering places. 

By alleviating the concerns that health workers, employees, and everyday global citizens have regarding coming in contact with people currently infected with the Corona Virus, or touching surfaces that may have been in contact with them. 

This company has created what they call the “SAFE SPACE” identification solution.

                                                    How does it work?

By leveraging similar Infrared Thermography technology used to identify FMDV (foot and mouth disease virus) and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)  only a few years ago, the engineers at FEEVR have created a solution like no other. 

While they initially designed this product to conduct distance concealed weapon detection for the United States Defense and Intelligence agencies, they quickly realized the applicability in today’s COVID19 State of Emergency

                                                     What Does It Do?

Confidentially informs business owners, security staff or public safety officers of people approaching the entrance of their establishment up to 30 feet away from people who are within the symptomatic and infectious phase of the Corona Virus or COVID19. 

Due to the very obvious manufacture resource reasons, the team over at FEEVR has only a limited supply of these devices, which went from 5000 to 4,894 during the writing of this article. 

The team at FEEVR can be reached at [email protected] or via contact submission forms on their website which can be found at

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