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Calm and Harmonized Approach of Hip Hop Star Joeyg 1 Focus towards His Music Is Captivating Fans Globally


Joeyg 1 Focus  Tell Me Why

Budding artist Joeyg 1 Focus is on the path of becoming commercially successful with mindful and lyrics and upbeat music creating a ripple in the hip hop industry.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Lincoln, Mar 19, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Hip hop has managed to create varieties of subgenres throughout the years crafting the unique and powerful genre of alternative hip hop that covers the ample array of styles that are not characteristically acknowledged as conventional. The music of Joeyg 1 Focus defies all the traditional stereotypes of mainstream hip hop and blurs genus portraying consistently from pop, funk and, many more.

His song ‘Neglected‘ portrays the pain and despair of abandonment through therapeutic lyrics and kaleidoscope of sounds with the reassurance of mending and healing. His other song ‘Tell Me Why‘ is equally critically acclaimed and inventive weaving the story of love and heartbreak with the promise of resurgence. His soundscape has interlaced Hip hop and rap perfectly with pop and funk creating a musical treat for his fans.

Based on Lincoln, Nebraska, the promising new artist Joeyg 1 Focus is breaking musical boundaries featuring clever and philosophical wordplay, deft rhymes intertwined with groovy tunes. The song ‘Tell Me Why‘ expands the palette alternative hip hop culling vibes from pop, soul, and a variety of different genres. His single ‘Neglected‘ is a comfortably relatable conveying universal message of healing pains and overcoming difficulties. The artist has his own successful production house called 1 Focus and his newest two singles “Forever” and “Every Second” will be released on March 27th and two other songs ” Im Alright” and ” Trust Your Heart” will be dropped April 24th. Follow his captivating work on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Joeyg 1 Focus’s latest songs release on Spotify :

https://open.spotify.com/track/3HAUwuX49VBANr6XRPMdFg https://open.spotify.com/track/3I4hxm6BDwyOeib2olQxwb

Joeyg 1 Focus  Neglected

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