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International Peptides continues to be the top choice for Fragment 176-191 in 2020


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International Peptides remains a top choice for Peptides this year.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Mar 20, 2020 ( – International Peptides is an industry leader specializing in neuroscience, anti-aging, and metabolic non-clinical research. Their main focus is in the United States providing a wide variety of the best quality peptides to clients throughout the US and other countries. The company was founded in 2013 and continues to be the pioneers of high-quality peptide products, all made in America.

The company offers world-class solutions to meet the demand for driving scientific innovative based research. Their primary area of expertise is supplying high-quality peptide structures to educational institutes, research facilities, and individuals specializing in life science. All peptide related projects our thoroughly tested using high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS). This ensures that they only supply superior quality peptides, ensuring accurate test results at all times.

International Peptides provides clients with a membership program, and member login to discover new learning opportunities and also new promotional offers, to help educational institutes meet their scientific research requirements. In addition to this, they also provide world-class shipping on orders over $99 to distribute a wide variety of high purity, biologically active peptides, and peptide-related products as an added convenience. Full details of the company along with their extensive range of research peptides can be found on their easy to use and secure website, which is overflowing with detailed and useful information that clients can count on when making their selection. Check out their international journal of peptide research and therapeutics blog for the latest information in regards to their peptide projects.

The company has a very professional and committed organization of knowledgeable experts who are focused on ensuring all researchers receive the best quality services and support. International Peptides attention to detail provides high-quality control standards, ensuring that their client’s peptides research needs are met now and into perpetuity. They use their comprehensive business experience and exceptional work knowledge to provide clients with all the information and support they need when it comes to their projects.

During a recent appointment to International Peptides, a representative for the company said “We remain a leading supplier for quality GH Fragment 176-191. We only stock the best quality peptides which are manufactured in the United States using ISO 9001:2008 recognized facilities. Each sample goes through several tests. Different products undergo different analyses based on the product’s chemical composition and properties. A product’s specification data sheet discloses which tests are performed and our minimum standards. These specifications are publicly posted for every product on the product listing page. All peptides are tested to ensure we surpass our client’s expectations. Currently, we only supply to researchers, scientists and chemistry students, and individuals specializing in life science. Our mission is to drive innovation through a radical commitment to client goals, scientific rigor, sustainable operations, public advocacy, and employee satisfaction.”

About Us: International Peptides is a leading supplier of research peptides in the United States. Their infrastructure was built by quality and cost efficiency, to not only provide their customers with the highest grade of products but at a significant cost saving for their research requirements. The company offers first-class service and tiered pricing to researchers and scientists, helping them meet their research objectives and allocation. International Peptides offers decades of knowledge and practice within the scientific community. It is International Peptides policy to assist researchers in achieving their scientific and analytical goals by consistently delivering the finest quality materials that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

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