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The Implant Patient Machine Founders Are Helping Dentists Maintain Patient Flow in The Wake of the Coronavirus


(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, Mar 22, 2020 ( – There is an impending crisis upon dental offices that are short of supply and are shutting down in every major city throughout the United States. Even before the coronavirus 2.2 million patients would seek emergency dental care at local emergency rooms for dental pain and infections.

With office is shutting down due to lack of supplies and direction from their governing bodies, we can expect a massive influx of emergency dental Patients flooding emergency rooms with dental pain and infections.

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Moreover, Dental offices are also concerned as they are in the top 1% of at-risk groups for cross-infection and contamination and without the supplies, they are helpless and hopeless in their attempt to maintain continuity of care for their patients and to help in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus.

Nonetheless, the founders of the Implant Patient Machine figured out a system in which dental clinics are still able to maintain their patient flow without any extra cost. Months back, they have brokered a partnership deal with a teledentistry company that will allow dental clinics to see their patients using a HIPPA compliant platform. The platform has many more functions, such as, the transfer of patient data from one clinic to another and allowing the doctors to prescribe medicine during an emergency.

When asked about the motivation behind the system they have build, the founders have made clear that their motivation resulted from the fact that “our clients have changed our lives tremendously and it is only right that we give back and help make the world a better place for all”, says Hassan Hamid.

The partnership with the Implant Patient Machine means that Dentulu, the tele-dentistry company, has waived all their set up and registration fees and opened up their network to all dental professionals free of charge.  The Implant Patient Machine will also allow clinics to use their CRM platform with high-converting online consultation rates free of charge.

Dental offices and dentists have been advised to implement telemedicine protocols through the utilization of tele-dentistry and can expect to see a massive increase in the utilization of tele-dentistry over the next several weeks to months. Hospitals in urgent care centers are recommended to refer to all dental emergencies, two dentists, on the Dentulu Platform in order to avoid cross-infection and contamination of patients.


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