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King Red Has Mesmerized with the Thumping Beats in the Music Video For the Rap Song ‘Rojo Thoughts’


King Red

King Red has dished out some bone-crunching beats in his new track ‘Rojo Thoughts’. The music video is brilliant and classy with a nudge of funk and fusion.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Mar 25, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – King Red has come up with a brilliant execution in the genre of rap and hip hop in a drop-dead stage setting. He has belted out the magnificent track Rojo Thoughts‘ which has created phenomenal appeal. The singer owns an avant-garde production house called ‘BTM Records’ that has got up to the minute and futuristic facilities. The rapper who is based out of New York wants to break the shackles and quash all myths through his immaculate music. The rap beats in his songs are hardcore which makes it even more ear candy to the fans. His rap numbers have got shades of pain that are reminiscent of his struggles and experiences. The rapper also has a different side to his personality where he enjoys having fun and frolic. The songs are very relatable which is why the songs draw the instant attention of the fans. The realistic nature of the tracks has got a lot to do with it where his thoughts are voiced properly. You can also plug into major trending platforms like YouTube to enjoy the scintillating tracks of the gifted singer.

In the track ‘Rojo Thoughts’ by King Red, there is a clean as a whistle release with a contemporary tone. There is a genuine passion that merges with a dash of confidence. The acoustic is brilliant and rejuvenating. He got his first inspiration from his elder brother and icon worshipped legends like 2 packs, 50 cents, and biggie. Fab and meek mill were also his personal favorites when he was growing up and now he listens to G Herbo mostly. One can log on to popular music streaming sites like Spotify to listen to the funky tracks.

In this latest music video, produced by VonSoloBeatsand directed by Abstract Thoughts, photography is found to be exquisite. There is an unwavering passion with a stunning hook. The bounce in the song comes with an unbelievable mumble in the rap that has been impressively crafted. He also garnered a lot of fan following with his latest rap number ‘GOTTA’. You can catch a glimpse of the shared updates of the splendid singer by logging on to his Instagram handle where you can get logged in.

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