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Hip-hop Artist Rice’s Soundscape is a Compelling Mix of Lyrical Spontaneity and Rhythmic Breaks



Hip-hop Artist Rice’s Soundscape is a Compelling Mix of Lyrical Spontaneity and Rhythmic Breaks

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Webster, Mar 27, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The salient features of contemporary hip-hop are being consolidated into a captivating soundscape by artist Rice. He has combined the essence of lyrical fervor and musical growth into his streams and the results are outstanding. His song, ‘Big Dreams‘ rolls out in a melodic but soon, the intensity of hip-hop’s larger-than-life aura comes into play as the artist takes over and lends his merciful vocal spontaneity to it. The song captures the unparalleled conviction of the artist and his fondness towards music. It is all about taking risks in his journey of self-discovery that has led to the creative amalgamation of such an eccentric soundscape. From the deconstructions of thematic linearity to his grasp on rhyming words, he stands out as an authentic musical act.

Jerard Roosevelt Rice formerly known as J Rice hails from Webster, Massachusetts and is the proud co-owner of the production house Hustle Work Grind Records. His other song, ‘Bet on It‘ is his first-ever single that came out in December of 2018 that is motivational and inspirational in its thematic content. The song tells the listener that he can be anything he wants to in life and setting the focus straight is what decides the end of the story.

Apart from his creative stature, Rice is also an entrepreneur and a first-year business graduate student that has helped him to market and promote his music with more insightful knowledge and effectiveness. His soundscape is a beautiful meandering course of lyrical flow that defines contemporary hip-hop lines better than anything else both the track ‘Big Dreams‘ and ‘Bet On It‘. Fans can now follow his work on Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook for more profundity of musical virtues.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thereal_arroz/

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