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Return Gifts for Birthday and Weddings

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mumbai, Mar 30, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – You might have hosted a Kids Birthday Party, Anniversary, House Warming, Kitty Party or a Grand Wedding recently. How did you manage to find Return Gifts and Party Supplies? Return Gifts are a must at every event. They are a thank you token for every visitor who puts in considerable time and effort to attend your event.

You need to buy at least 30 or maybe 50, 100 or even 200 plus gifts at a time. Isn’t it a challenge to find them locally. Thanks to sites like Amazon, Flipkart. But still this eCommerce website focus on consumers focusing on buying a single product and not in bulk. Thanks to initiatives such as BulkHunt.com, consumers are able to buy bulk return gifts on a single click at wholesale rates.  

“Shopping online is still not very trustworthy. As sometimes, eCommerce websites send products which are different from the photos. Also if I need to buy 30-50 pieces of single product the task is even more difficult. Thanks to eCommerce sites like BulkHunt, we need not step out of our house to find quality gifts delivered well in time” – Aishwarya Ganeshan, Bengaluru, India

Mom and Pop shops have a variety of products but still its time consuming to shop with them. Also at times, they run out of stock as they do not have enough warehousing and holding capacity.

“We directly import our products or source them directly from Manufacturers. Also, we have good warehousing space so we keep at-least 400-500 pieces of each product in our warehouses. Also, we have 30 days return policy, so that our selling partners sell quality products and customers have confidence. Thanks to carries like FedEx we are able to deliver the products to all major metros in 1-2 Days time”, quotes Vasudha Agrawal, promoter of BulkHunt

It is still a long way for eCommerce as only 5% of Indian population regularly shop online, but such initiatives will provide a boost to the industry in the coming years.

We shall see many more wholesale shopping outlets such as BulkHunt.com in various categories come up!

Return Gifts for Kids BulkHuntReturn Gifts for Kids BulkHuntReturn Gifts for Kids BulkHuntReturn Gifts for Kids BulkHunt

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