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Under Rated Society Drops Two Tracks with Untold Backdrops That Kept Them Outstripped from The Rest


Under Rated Society

Overlooked for a long time, a group of pioneering artists came together to form Under Rated Society, a hip hop band that is delivering dynamic hip hop sounds on Spotify.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Lawrence, Apr 3, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – When the group of independent artists decided to go rough by shedding their underdog approach and took the world by storm as the upcoming alternative hip-hop group called Under Rated Society. Its name suggests the struggle they had as an indie group to follow the thorny paths to get disclosure in this vast world with years’ negligence and discouragements. Recently they released an album ‘WeSoUnderRated‘ that has been spreading their name among the trendsetters of 2020 at full throttle. ”WeSoUnderRated’ is the chief track of this album that raps about dignity and high hopes in heavy bass that forces the hip hop lovers to dive into the trippy journey along with the artists. This song creates a special bond with the audience because it flaunts the rookies’ ordinary charms and thrills.

Under Rated Society comes up with the next song ‘It is What It Is‘ from the same album that draws out the flamboyant personalities of these boys. This rap song is a bold attempt to let the world know about their roots and how strongly connected they are in the same fraternity. It shares the views and epiphanic moments without airs. They speak about the negligence and invisibleness of their artwork straight from the shoulder and shouts out for the hard-earned success.

They are a group of independent artists but took credits to work with well-known producers like Tony Gaines out of Lawrence Kansas; Mike Hurst out of Atlanta etc. Family support is the biggest motivation that drove them to pursue their only passion. They will come up with Wesounderrated p2 soon and get updates from their Facebook page.

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