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BFLAME creates a storm in the industry with his super fast and energetic rap track ‘Double Up’



Dynamic artist BFLAME makes a lasting impression on his fans with his superbly modulated rap voice and an equally stimulating new hip-hop soundscape ‘Double Up’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Louisville, Apr 8, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Everything you need to hear to keep the flame of hip-hop burning is the recent single by smashing rapper BFLAME. It is one of the most powerful and energetic creations that the genre has experienced in a long time. The artist has stylistically incorporated all the catchy sonic elements to make the music groovier and makes sure that the audience fully enjoys his bold performance. Despite the short rhymes, the rapper utilizes the rhythm effectively to give his lyrical content much priority. ‘Double Up‘ is an extraordinary composition that welcomes the listener with its high sound quality and refreshing bars.

The artist raps with his heavy voice amidst a hard-hitting musical set up and proves his stunning professionalism all at once. BFLAME quickly finds his style and flow dominating the soundscape that offers a strong groove and an easy hit to vibe to. Built under the label Music’s Melting Pot, the song is a perfect example of what fast and furious hip-hop music must sound like.

Coming from Southern Midwest, the rapper credits his unique taste in music to many different artists of both present and past times who have given him a distinctive and refreshing perspective to create his sound. The rapper’s unapologetic attitude in ‘Double Up‘ breaks all stereotypes and the gravity in his voice proves refreshing amidst an ocean of repetitive sounding playlists. Experience his music to the fullest by turning on the volume of the speakers and let his voice take over the place in no time. Listen to it now on Spotify and follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more information.

Here is the track ‘ Double Up ‘ by  BFLAME:


Double Up

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