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Lágoon crushes through Musical Magnificence with Their Brandnew Track from the Album



The members of the band LáGoon have enthralled the fans of the Rock genre with their latest releases. The hypnotic ambiance is pure bliss for the all.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Portland, Apr 9, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The Portland-based band LáGoon is a musical group that all the hardcore fans of the Rock genre will be sad to have not come across in the recent few years. Emerging to become one of the most celebrated bands of the modern-day music industry, the group has charmed the audience over the past two years. Maintaining the fascinating vibes of classic rock and roll and striking hard with their undeniably supreme artistry, the band has poured the track Addiction with immensely intense and powerful vocals of Anthony Gaglia, who also happens to be the guitarist. 

The intoxicating riffs produced by the guitarist have placed the elements in just the right places. And, the madness injected by the drummer Brady Maurer is just insane and heart-thumping. These elements of ‘Addiction’ are quickly addictive and uplifting throughout the run of the track. This track is by far the best fragment of the band’s album, Maa Kali Trip. The uplifting lyricism has bewitched the entire presentation of the track.

The refreshing vibes of the track are the standout elements of it, making it reach the core of the musical senses of the audience. Crafted under Interstellar Smoke Records & Forbidden Place Records, the skillful production of the track has set it apart from most of the recent tracks. The clarity introduced through the raining riffs has set the bar high way above any average track. You can listen to this and more from LáGoon on Spotify.

Rock artist LáGoon proves himself with his latest kinds of music:


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