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Face mask manufacturer Introduces COVID-19 protective N95 Respirator for all. Bulk Supply of face masks to overcome Shortage in the American market


The production for Face Mask from Meditech

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Guangzhou, Apr 9, 2020 ( – Great news for the medical profession in the USA is that Today, Face Mask manufacturer from Hong Kong has announced the details around the manufacturing and delivery of medical Face masks. On seeing the huge demand for face masks in the crisis of COVID-19, Face mask manufacturers have decided to work for the people of the US who require quality face masks. All wholesalers and medical authorities in the USA can contact us to order. We will overcome the situation of shortage of face masks there.

These face masks are the vital part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) used by the medical staff to protect themselves against the spreading of virus through coughing and sneezing. We believe in self-protection actions to stop the chain of spreading of COVID-19 and want to supply face masks in bulk to the USA population.

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We are fully CE certified company and we manufacture molded & flat-folding disposable N95 surgical masks, N95 surgical masks for adult and children’s sizes. All hospitals, restaurants, and wholesalers in the USA can contact us if they want quality face masks in bulk. We assure that we will provide you the original, genuine and affordable products in time.

Our rates will be genuine as we understand the crisis very well. We hope everyone stays safe and well protected. For more information, you can call us and visit our website

About Company: Face mask manufacture is a fully certified factory in Guangdong, China founded in 2015. It is a professional manufacturing enterprises group with national-level qualifications and relevant industry standards in the labor protection products industry China

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