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3LVCKOUT’s drifty hip hop bass with a disheartening rhyming in ‘Purple Rain’ leaves the fans dumbstruck


Purple Rain

The upcoming hip-hopper 3LVCKOUT staggers the audience once again with his original composition and the real essence of life in the new song ‘Purple Rain’ on Spotify.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Austell, Apr 13, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – New to the world of musicians, 3LVCKOUT is smoothly jumping from high to another with each song he makes about the past relationships and hurdles. This month he comes up with a brand-new hip hop song ‘Purple Rain’ on Spotify, a burst of emotions through his engaging piece of rap. He is a young musician with the attitude of a thug that helps him to put down his thoughts and share his experience uniquely. He has always been into music since he started his preliminary education. This musical passion at such a young age kept him focused to make all the possible means to get at the top of the game. His original songwriting and a passionate way of rhyming through several recent releases have struck a chord with his fans.  

In the new rap song Purple Rain3LVCKOUT spews out his deepest feelings and rips off the bandage from his broken heart. The listeners can relate to every word he utters, throwing us deep into the abyss of disappointment and loneliness. Though it has a positive note hidden, depending on the listeners how they can resonate with the rapper’s emotions. Its playful rhythms with a heavy bassline induce energy in our grey mind.   

He has already crossed the barrier of twenty-five thousand monthly listeners in a real short span. His authentic way of forming a rap verse with a snappy chorus is the card that has always played well. He has released ‘OTL’ and ‘SUPER‘ precious to the newest song that inspired many impassioned artists to follow their dreams in a positive light.  

Listen to these tracks on Spotify:

Purple Rain: https://open.spotify.com/track/2wDIjTDkJLtvZFg26UgIz0



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