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Ghosttt has displayed his Impeccable Artistry with the Fantastic Music Video of the Song ‘Thuggin In Disguise’


Music Video Thuggin In Disguise by Ghosttt

Ghosttt has amplified the hip hop quotient with the resplendent rap number ‘Thuggin In Disguise’. It is a magnificent execution by the flamboyant and gifted rapper.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Apr 16, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Ghosttt has slain the audience with his terrific musicality in the splendid hip hop songs and their music videos. His new music video Thuggin In Disguise‘ that has been directed by the NDO productions has broken all records all across the globe and has created an eclectic appeal. The music video has got a modern look with brilliant choreography. The rapper is based out of Atlanta and belongs to the north side of the city. The singer comprehends that his presence has encapsulated the entire city and one might come in close corners with him but will never know about him which is quite eerie. The rapper owns a production house called ‘USSHIT47/NDO/RGE’ which has got avant-garde facilities.

In the music video ‘Thuggin In Disguise’ by the stupendous rapper Ghosttt there is a mind-blowing hook that has flabbergasted the listeners. There is an indomitable slice of funk that is etched in the audience’s memory. The singer along with his team has taken over the city streets. He has just dished out his latest project ‘Gho$ttt Stories’ on various platforms and some of the songs are doing very well. The songs like ‘Drip Drip’, ‘Climate and ‘Outside Looking In’ have been faring very well from his mix-tape. You can know more about the singer by plugging onto his Instagram handle where you can get to see his shared updates like the latest pictures and videos. You can also fetch some information about his latest and future projects that are in the pipeline.

In the music video by the singer, there is a phenomenal groove which is refreshing. The rapper has got a dash of confidence which comes from the relatable music that he creates. Street kinds of stuff find a place in his songs which is borne out of realities of life and bestows the rapper the incredible quality of being versatile. Some of the other remarkable songs by the talented rapper are ‘Ttg’, ‘Real’ and ‘Now’. All these years, the singer has been inspired by legendary musicians like ‘Future’, ’50 cents’ and ‘Migos’. You can log on to poplar trending platforms like YouTube to listen to his awe-inspiring songs and watch the smashing music videos.

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