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Diztraught Has Created a Phenomenal Rage with the Ravishing Music Video ‘Breath Of God’



Diztraught has scripted brilliance with the fascinating hip hop tunes in the stupendous music video ‘Breath of God’. The track has got a gaudy and eclectic appeal.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Phoenix, Apr 17, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Diztraught is a brilliant rapper who has dished out an exquisite rap number that has created ripples among the hip hop lovers. The track that has generated immense rage is titled Breath of God‘. The singer states that he is married to music and has stopped looking for other things. He has turned to God a lot these days and wants to spend the rest of the life investing every moment in music. The singer has given up on looking for others and has left the hustle and bustle of humdrum life. He has come up with some brilliant songs like ‘Talking to Angels’, ‘Wisdom’, ‘Footprints’ and ‘Sick Boy’. Many legendary musicians have left an indomitable impression on the singer like Starlito, Tech, Gates, Tupac, Eminem, Yelawolf, and Ritz. He has got a new track coming up called ‘No Regrets’. He wants to communicate with everyone in the world through his magical numbers. You can check out the intriguing posts made by the singer that is put out on his Facebook wall.

In the track titled ‘Breath of God’ one can witness a brilliant execution by the gifted Arizona Rapper Diztraught. There is an engaging instrumental that reverberates with brilliant vocals. The hypnotic groove comes with an insistent melody. The keyboard sound comes with fascinating flickers of instrumentation. There is an unwavering passion in the rhythm of the song. There is a brilliant element of fusion that comes with a mumble in the rap. It makes for an impressive sound. You can also log on to popular music streaming sites like Spotify to listen to his songs.

In the music video by the terrific singer, one can find touches of funk that has been juxtaposed in the various layers. This will make you swagger to the tunes. The hook of the song has got sheer flamboyance. The swashbuckling groove comes in a heavy electronic stage setting with tremendous catchy vibes. The song is foot-tapping and peppy with a cool aura that will compel you to sway. It is a stunning performance by the new age rapper. One can also plug into major trending platforms like YouTube to listen to his dazzling rap numbers.

Diztraught release his ‘Breath of God’ video on youtube : 

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