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New COVID-19 Information Hotline Steup Fast Dial #C19


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Wayne, Apr 16, 2020 ( – Fast Dial has recently implemented a simple and brief fast dial number for comprehensive and updated information on COVID-19.

The COVID-19 outbreak has been extremely challenging for all, and let’s hope all families are staying safe and healthy. A pandemic like this requires everyone to stay updated with timely and accurate information about the crisis to keep misleading reports and scary rumors at bay. In that light, leading vanity dial code provider Fast Dial is programming a fast dial number (#C19) for trustworthy and reliable COVID-19 support resources to keep the community abreast.

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Fast Dial is working with state and local officials to distribute accurate and timely information that includes only verified and reliable details.  Soon to be available across the country, Fast Dial #C19 will be a fast and convenient way to access a verity of COVID-19 resources. From the location of the nearest testing laboratory; to food distribution hubs; to offices for financial assistance, Fast Dial #C19 can help provide a secure and easy method of public health information dissemination.  In accordance with the statement of the company spokesperson, “This is where both ends meet and help one another. With just a few digits, Fast Dial #C19 is at your service like no other.”

Speaking further, the spokesperson stressed that as the fast dial number is very brief and memorable, it would be easier for families and seniors as well. Most importantly, the fast dial number does not contain any random digits but only the initials of COVID-19, which makes it even easier to remember.

“Our COVID-19 fast dial number is a result of detailed collaboration with local health officials and has formulated it strategically for the current crisis. Most importantly, we are hopeful, our fast dial number will be helpful for anyone seeking supportive resources. We are reaching out to local and state officials all across the country to get the number setup as fast as possible to make lives easier during this time”, noted the spokesperson.

“We are working with community representatives and policymakers, and together we will see a return to normalcy soon.”

About Fast Dial Inc.- Fast Dial Inc. is a national leading vanity dial code provider.  The company specializes in offering fast dial numbers to Fortune 500 companies for their marketing campaigns and customer-care service needs.

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