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StayAtHome: A New Mobile Application to Gamify Home Stay During Lockdown


(YorkPedia Editorial):- West Sussex, Apr 18, 2020 ( – Mobile software specialists, Metricell, have released a new mobile application designed to encourage people to stay at home during these times of restricted mobility. Around the world, we are unified by the objective to reduce infection levels and buy the time required to develop vaccines and reduce the pressure on healthcare systems. A third of the global population are currently under ‘lockdown’ measures mandating that as many people as possible remain in their homes for the good of us all.

This free application, available at, monitors the number of time people stay at home and rewards them with a daily Safety Score depending on their level of adherence to government advice to remain in their home. The aim of this is to gamify the need to limit all-but-essential travel through the promotion of friendly competition between friends and family. Scores can be shared online and leader boards will soon be able to aggregate all the safety scores to demonstrate how well countries are doing on both a local, regional and national level.

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The app records the global position of the user upon installation and is subsequently tagged to the position of their home. As the user and their device move away from that location, the app will record the time spent outside the radius of their home. No personally identifiable information is captured and all data is held securely within the UK hosted and ISO-certified data warehouse.

Utilising a wealth of experience gained from app-based gamification initiatives for mobile operators, the application’s developers hope to encourage more people to maximise their time at home and do what they can to reduce the spread of the current pandemic.  

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Metricell is a UK software company founded in 2007. They provide a range of communications professionals across a variety of sectors and industries with powerful test tools, crowdsourcing capabilities, consulting services and web-based GIS systems.
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The Big Blue, 26 Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, UK

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