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King Hansom gives us something New to Root for in the New Music Video ‘Good Die Young’


Music Video Good Die Young by King Hansom

A new music video called ‘Good Die Young’ from the upcoming rapper King Hansom has given us the ultimate track to lean on and move our heads with its fluid beats.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Providence, Apr 20, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – After becoming a viral personality from several mini clips of showing off his rapping skills on social media, King Hansom is currently enjoying a long-lasting achievement with a more concrete success from the latest music video entitled Good Die Young. He has rolled his sleeves to leave behind the ephemeral buzz of being a viral face for his talent and managed to dive into the deep sea with a proper approach by recording another amazing music video after a tiny break from societal strangles. This is the third ravishing music video he successfully managed to get under his hood after a dark phase almost disheartened him from the core. So, the track emulates the story of reincarnation of faith and self- worth in beguiling rap phrases. 

King Hansom manages to come with bigger waves this time, with a head-spinning hook and a soulful message in the musical notes of the hip hop music video ‘Good Die Young’. Instead of sticking down with limited fame from the previous musicals, he focuses on his psyche and the career trajectory through stronger blows of hip hop music in the new track. This video was out on 11th April, when the world continued to suffocate from the proliferation of Coronavirus and made it to the top charts. The words he chose wisely demonstrates the suffering and tough lane one must collide with to find the solemn purpose of your life. The name suggests that regrets make life dull so its better to live life to the fullest, being a good man keeping faith in God. 

With this video, he is making major moves to get the prominence he deserves with the burst of fresh rhyming. The uprising rapper has made enough money from the previous smashing music videos such as ‘Family Tree / 30 in the 4th’ and ‘OTF only the family’. His music is deeply intertwined with his lifestyle and his relationships with the loved ones. All his tracks have something new to offer, where he pumps up his fans with pep like raps to feel worthy to emotive rhymes about love and broken hearts. A big part of his penned songs is about the support he receives from a genuine brotherhood to save him in any circumstances, even when he has to fight away from his inner demon. His family and pals are the nervous system that feeds his mind with ideas and emotions to come up with new rap verses every time. 

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