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‘Que se Joda! Fuk it!!’ by H2KxDEVIOUSx787 is the Zenith of Majestic Musicality and Enchanting Synths


Hip Hop Singer  H2KxDEVIOUSx787

‘Que se Joda! Fuk it!!’ is certainly the ultimate solution of all the fans of the music industry. H2KxDEVIOUSx787 has added spark to the entire musical presentation.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Elgin, Apr 25, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The talented artist H2KxDEVIOUSx787 has become proficient at the art of fusing organic musicianship with dynamic professionalism, taking the best out of the genre, and in the entire process of the mix, expressing energy, intensity, love, and passion. The artist has introduced the listeners with some groovy vibes and bars that have filled the atmosphere with awesomeness and musical magnificence. The expected layers of synth become unexpected with each passing bar and this has added character to the arrangement. Que se Joda! Fuk it!!‘ has been designed with the most fascinating elements of the genre. The spoken verses climb upon the base of the track, well-structured by the soundscape of the track. The musical charm of the artist has been reflected through this track.

Through this track, the true essence of the genre has been projected, which has helped in magnifying the impact of the overall presentation. With each passing beat, the magic builds up over the backdrop and once the track envelopes you within its structural fragments, there is no coming out of it. The introductory moments of the track, ‘Que se Joda! Fuk it!!’ are the highlights of the track that attract the listeners in the first place. The overlook of the track is musically stunning and has been engineered with delicate yet strong beats. The contrasting elements play a major role here in soothing the musical senses of the audience. You just cannot take your ears off this track.

The vocal performance of the artist wanders around the structure of the track through multilayered bars of it. These bars have tightened up the grip around the elements to create an atmosphere, which is certainly blissful and worth experiencing. The backdrop sets the premise from the opening moments, and then the soundscape takes the musical senses on an amazing journey. The enchanting flow of the track quite easily enters the soul of the listeners and captures it. And, when you reach the middle of the track, the musicality reaches the epitome and carries it one from there. H2KxDEVIOUSx787 has proved his worth through this track, which you can listen to on YouTube. 

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