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Joeyg 1 Focus is soothing the Soul of the Listeners with its Irresistible Performance


Hip Hop Singer  Joeyg 1 Focus

Joeyg 1 Focus bewitches the music industry with his soulful tracks. His Spotify tracks have garnered huge audiences that are going crazy over his creative brilliance.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Lincoln, Apr 27, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Reflecting a change in the direction of the genre, Joeyg 1 Focus‘ latest releases have been designed with impactful vibes that perfectly compliment the depth of the genre, performance of the artist, and the stunning lyricism. His latest musical project ‘Every Second‘ introduces some beautiful synths to the audience through a fascinating presentation. It has a comforting nature, which is beautiful. The multilayered elements have been placed naked over the intimate lyricism of the track, which in itself is very satisfying and soothing.

Forever‘ has an organic sound, begging for the attention of the audience, a perfect piece for the true fans of the genre. The delicate musicality speaks on behalf of the entire arrangement, allowing the strength of the track to connect to the audience. ‘Trust Your Heart‘, is another track of his that has caught the ears of the audience. The track is subtle yet expressive; musical urgency has been fused with uncertain energy through this track. The sound design of this track has helped in engineering a powerful structure for the ingredients. 

I’m Alright‘ is one such track of Joeyg 1 Focus and Newlecholscrafted under the self-owned production house, which has garnered huge fame across the music industry Each and every element of it has its own essence, which has magnified the premise. Captivating music, gorgeous lyricism, and stunning vocal performance – all of these are present in these tracks that are currently streaming on Spotify. To witness more from this brilliant artist, you can find and follow him through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to these songs click the given below links : 

I’m Alright : https://open.spotify.com/track/24ApZdSnenSiwpmladLWdz

Trust Your Heart : https://open.spotify.com/track/0QG1R4ykwTs3yttNnb2vsw

Forever : https://open.spotify.com/track/2tT9yihaquvsYcEFpLQhu8

Every Second : https://open.spotify.com/track/1sjjCbAxB1Gdzm5jPUXAdg

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