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Threatsdaplug Has Created an Indomitable Fancy in the Listener’s Mind with the Hypnotic Rap Number ‘No Hook 2’



ThreatsDaPlug has carved out a nook for himself with the fascinating number ‘No Hook 2’. The talented rapper is a creative genius and has got remarkable finesse.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Marinette, May 5, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The audience is hysteric on hearing the bone-crunching hip hop song by ThreatsDaPlug. He has dished out the magnificent track titled No Hook 2‘. The audience is treated to some staggering tunes that have made them go crazy. With each release of his single a mouthwatering prospect is created as the audience awaits that with bated breath. He has come up with some extraordinary numbers over the years and ‘Fold’, ‘Think’, ‘Never Change’, and ‘Chase the Bag’ are some of them. There is a magnificent dash of funk in the songs that oozes out oodles of confidence. The singer brings in his swashbuckling attitude in the songs that makes it even more absorbing and exquisite.

In the number ‘No Hook 2’ by the extraordinary performer ThreatsDaPlug there is the use of various electronic percussions that rains down with soulful beats of rap. The emotional downpour mixes well with psychedelic flavor making for a listening that has got all the grandeur and blissfulness. The fusion in the song makes it even more ear candy and has got a whip-smart rasp that encapsulates the entire soundscape.

In the song by the brilliant singer, one can listen to an incredibly hypnotizing tune that oozes fresh and vibrant energy. The release of the song is truly fascinating. It is a very sleek approach adopted by the singer making the thumping velocity of the song harmonic and acceptable to a wider audience. You can plug into popular music streaming apps like Spotify to listen to the wonderful and delightfully entertaining numbers. 

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