Eradani Announces Eradani Connect Release 3.1 Providing Simple RPG to Open Source Connections


Eradani Connect automates all of the connection and translation between open source and RPG

RPG programmers can now call open source programs and web services just like calling another program – no JSON parsing in RPG necessary

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Berkeley, May 6, 2020 ( – Eradani ( today introduced the newest addition to Eradani Connect, its easy to use framework for connecting IBM i resources with open source programs and services. Eradani Connect 3.1 adds an IBM i to open source connection that allows RPG programmers to call open source programs (web services, JavaScript, Python, etc.) just like they call another RPG program or CL command, eliminating the need for complex coding to translate between the two environments.  

With the new Eradani IBM i to open source connector, RPG developers simply call an Eradani program passing it the appropriate parameters. The Eradani program then manages the connection to the web service or open source program and handles all of the translation from RPG parameters to JSON and then back from JSON to RPG parameters. From the perspective of the RPG developer, they have just called a program with parameters and gotten parameter data back – no JSON parsing or connection management necessary. With the Eradani IBM i to open source connector, RPG programmers use standard RPG and open source developers work in the standards of their languages. The Eradani connector handles all of the complexities of the communication and translation to keep developers’ work as easy and productive as possible.

“We’ve had a great response to Eradani Connect for connecting open source to IBM i which allows open source developers to access IBM i programs and data just like they would access any other platform. Now we have completed the two-way connection by making it easy to call open source programs directly from traditional IBM i languages like RPG and CL.  RPG programmers no longer have to engage in the painstaking work of trying to parse JSON in RPG,” said Daniel Magid, CEO of Eradani. “And the Eradani IBM i to open source connector will even generate code stubs for both sides so that developers no longer have to worry about dual maintenance. The open source and RPG code will be kept in sync automatically as changes are made to a single central data description. When you change that description, Eradani Connect will regenerate the connection code for you,” Magid adds. “Now IBM i users can quickly integrate web services provided by other internal applications, by their customers and partners as well as public web services like Maps, Weather, GPS, Shipment Information and others directly with their RPG applications.”

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Eradani ( provides solutions that allow IBM i users to leverage their significant investments in IBM i applications while taking advantage of the latest technology innovations. Eradani Connect makes it easy to connect open source (Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, PHP, .Net, Web Services, etc.) to IBM i applications and data and to call open source web services and programs from IBM i applications.  Eradani partners with Skytap and Microsoft to provide true cloud solutions for the IBM i. Eradani experts and IBM Champions provide expert services to help IBM i organizations get started with open source for the IBM i. The company is headquartered in Berkeley, CA, USA.

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