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How This Author Simplifies Complex Concepts of Philosophy through Poetry


It takes two to tango for poetry and philosophy to create an exquisite masterpiece

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Pittsburg, May 8, 2020 ( – When it takes two to tango, author Ted Torgersen makes a sophisticated harmony pairing philosophy and poetry in his newly published book Out of Exile. His book attempts to present the complex philosophy and metaphysics that manifest daily in a person’s life journey as they search for love, peace and understanding.

“Writing with a perspective born and molded out of the turbulence of the academic community in the 1960s, the author of these poems and songs combines high concept philosophy with the simple plight of the common folk hero. The end result is a lyrical style that strikes the emotions of the layperson and resonates with the big ideas of the learned. Many of these selections reflect inward and ask hard questions about what weights we accumulate and carry through each season of life. From the emotions of the change-minded 60s and 70s to a more world-weary modern voice, there’s always a strong optimism that proclaims that even though the outside world changes, peace can be found with enough exploration of the inner self and a willingness to find love within and without.,” says Michael Radon of US Review of Books.

Inspired by Robert Burns, among others, Torgersen employs archetypical themes and vivid imagery in an attempt to recapture the internal harmonics that flowed so freely in his youth. Read the full review through this link. To get the latest update on authors, like and follow Authors Press on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Out of Exile

Written by Ted Torgersen

E-book | $9.99

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