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Pushing Forward During The Pandemic


(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, May 6, 2020 ( – Alexi Cortez is working to revolutionize business as we know it by implementing his “mentality of broke” discipline. Alexi has managed to push multiple businesses forward while major companies face closure due to the epidemic.

His company Diverse Technology Industrial, Inc. which has many sub-companies under its umbrella; Has received lots of attention due to its culture, structure, and relentless marketing implemented.

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Alexi credits his success to his family, co-workers, and his “mentality of broke” lifestyle – which means if you can’t pay for it outright then you don’t need it. Alexi says if he can’t buy x10 of whatever the purchase in question is he doesn’t want it.

Many businesses will not return due to the lifestyle the owners lived while mismanaging finances. Alexi states most companies operate on debt. However I don’t, While companies are closing I’m purchasing and creating new businesses.

Going into economic ruins you should be liquid heavy NOT debt-heavy.

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