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The Pennsylvania Rapper Webbo Fisk Collaborates With Ron Honcho to Gift the Audience ‘Eastside Nightmares’


Webbo Fisk

Keeping the listener focused and entertained throughout the run of the track ‘Eastside Nightmares’, both the Pennsylvania Rapper Webbo Fisk projects his artistry.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Norristown, May 13, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – An incredible and pure lead vocal performance embraces the track with a relatable and personal touch of lyricism. The introductory moments reflect a fabulous production, which has provided ‘Eastside Nightmares’ with the much-needed creative outlook. The track sets off with the clear sound design and as soon as the performers, Webbo Fisk and Ron Honcho get started with their work, the intensity rises and the subtle flow turns into majestic and breathtaking. The rhythmic tone gets established over the vocal, making the premise heavy and enchanting. The calm and confident performance of the Pennsylvania Rapper makes everything more engaging and blissful. The flavors of musicality introduced through each of the verses of this track, make the track even more engaging.

With each passing moment, the intensity rises up a notch, keeping things exciting and unexpected. The audience just cannot get accustomed to the flow, as with each second, something new gets introduced and the artist never fails to amaze the listeners with the introductory ingredients. The vocal performance of the artist has been pretty gorgeously layered up the soundscape, and the performer just grabs the moment, confining the audiences completely within the structural development. Eastside Nightmares‘ grows after every beat, getting heavier, yet doesn’t lose the true flavor of the genre. The carefully placed musical elements make the development subtle, around which the listeners can let their musical senses escape into the core of the genre. Then, of course, there is Ron Honcho, who has added a genuine appeal to the flow of the track. 

Smooth rap beats have been introduced through this track, alluring the audience to take some time out and enjoy the moments of blissful musicality and also let the purity of the track flow through the musical senses. The rhythmic development of the track leads the listeners on an exciting journey into the final moments of the hook section, creativity flourishing over the structure through the riffs and the vocals. Webbo Fisk has won the hearts of one and all with the release of this track, available on the platform of SoundCloud, and YouTube. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

                                                                                      ‘Eastside Nightmares’ by Webbo Fisk :


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