Digital Inventory- Minimizing liquidity crunch: SAHAS Softech in ASSOCHAM’s webinar


Mr Sohrab Kothari Cofounder SAHAS Softech LLP with Mr Bharat Patel ASSOCHAM

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Mumbai, May 20, 2020 ( – A unique solution to minimize the problem of liquidity crunch is suggested by Mr Sohrab Kothari, co-founder, SAHAS Softech (A leading 3D manufacturing company), in a webinar organised by ASSOCHAM on 3D Printing and Manufacturing.  

This Webinar was organized by ASSOCHAM in collaboration with SAHAS SOFTECH LLP in order to focus on the industry problems and insights faced the 3D Printing industry under this lockdown. The session was introduced and welcomed by Mr. Vipul BG, Regional Director – West, on behalf of ASSOCHAM. The moderator of the session was Mr Bharat Patel, Chairman – Startup Committee, ASSOCHAM Gujarat Council. 

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According to Mr. Sohrab, the problem of liquidity crunch can be minimized if the digital one replaces the old and traditional inventory. “Technology is the solution for that and SAHAS is leading the way for the same. Digital inventory will help you in reduced investment in the stocking. It will give you the freedom on minor edits and customizing products for individuals. Passing digital inventory is through a click of the button rather than transporting actual inventory around different locations. The digital inventory in additive manufacturing gives you the confidence of manufacturing any kind of geometry, which might not be possible through traditional manufacturing.” said Mr. Sohrab.

On the future of 3D printing, Mr. Sohrab added, “The next industrial revolution, industry 4.0 or we say smart factories 3D printing would be an excellent tool for such companies. 3D Printing in future will disrupt the manufacturing value chain, allowing a shift from mass production to full customization, from centralized to distributed production. There is definitely going be a lot of innovation on applications, Material development, and different parameters to achieve properties of actual materials.  3D printing has some amazing applications apart from industrial, like Edibles, Tissue engineering, memory and reactive material (4D Printing) etc.” 

At last, Mr Vipul assured SAHAS Group that all the recommendations and industry inputs for the revival of the 3D printing industry would be taken care of by ASSOCHAM.

Mr Sohrab Kothari CoFounder SAHAS Softech LLP

Source :SAHAS Softech LLP

This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

This Press Release was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.


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