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(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, May 31, 2020 ( – Whenever we have back pains, we usually resort to a hot compress or a trip to the massage therapist. But for people with back injuries or those who suffered from back traumas, they only trust professionals who can handle their medical needs. Surgery is the more common option given to them. But now with Spine Solutions, patients suffering from back pains or injury have the opportunity to have a minimally-invasive spine surgery instead. This one-of-a-kind practice is what makes them the most recommended medical clinic by family practice physicians and chiropractors.

What makes Spine Solutions’ practice unique is they always put the patient’s best interest first. As a minimally invasive spinal surgery office, their clients receive the least intrusive and most effective treatment to put their pain at ease. While other practices may encourage surgery as a first option, their full-service staff offer comprehensive medical counseling on which option they should choose. The entire team dedicates themselves to serving you to the best of their capabilities. All these to ensure the patient leaves our office with no pain, an excellent customer service experience, and a smile on their face.

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Spine Solutions is a full service, minimally-invasive spine surgery office. They start with a complete examination of the patient. They also conduct a review of the MRI of the spine. Doctors discuss solutions compatible with their patients’ needs. Only then, he/she may be scheduled for surgery. The purpose of this practice is to ease the pain of the patient in the least intrusive way. Their services are not only for anyone with short or long term back pain, but they are also targeting family practice physicians and chiropractors, who are the go-to persons of these patients.

The medical team at Spine Solutions is headed by two board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeons with over 40 years of combined experience. They are Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Behnam Myers, MPH, and Dr. Steven Lasser MD, who both specialize separately in minimally invasive and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Myers and Dr. Lasser have a wide range of experience, so the needs of every patient are guaranteed to be met at their office. Their medical services are available to treat any back pain or a spinal condition, including disc deformities, joint disease, pinched nerves, sciatica, spinal stenosis, failed previous surgery, and a whole lot more. Patients are guaranteed to leave with less pain and a flexible solution to enjoy their future.

Surgically, Dr. Steven Lasser has completed nearly 6,500 spinal operations. Dr. Lasser focuses not just on spine surgery, but on the conservative management of patients with spinal issues. In 1982, he graduated from The University of Rochester School of Medicine. He completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of Buffalo. Dr. Lasser has a fellowship completed in spinal surgery and biomechanics at the University of Texas at Houston.

Dr. Behnam Myers, on the other hand, offers treatment of degenerative spine, spinal deformity, trauma, tumor, infection, as well as cervical disc replacement and lumbar disc replacement. He graduated from the University of New England with his medical degree in 2001. He completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Nova Southeastern University, followed by his spinal fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Spine Institute in Weston, Florida. Dr. Myers is trained in the latest minimally invasive spine surgeries, including the use of endoscopic spine surgery.

What sets Spine Solutions apart is the type of staff and quality of service they have. They have a full-time professional line-up composed of two nurse practitioners, two medical assistants, and a surgery coordinator that is a certified registered nurse. During an initial visit, not only will the patient be seen by the doctor, but they will have the input of the additional medical staff with full attention. If a patient is scheduled for surgery, they are given the cell phone number of their in-house RN who can answer any questions they have leading up to and after the surgery. At Spine Solutions, every patient is treated like family once they form part of their system.

Spine Solutions also caters to a diverse and broad span of patients in their current areas. They hold offices in Palm Beach County, Broward County, and Miami Dade County — three of the biggest counties in the nation. These locations give them leverage to help more than three times the amount of people a typical practitioner would cater to.

Solve your back pains now through Spine Solutions’ minimally-invasive surgery and other sets of services. Set an appointment for a consultation on their website at

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