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Women in Business Podcast Gives Women Founders and Investors a Free Platform to Tell Their Stories


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Jun 2, 2020 ( – Rose Vitale, also known as the Female Angel Investor, has created the Women in Business Podcast to empower female investors and founders by giving them a platform to share their stories. The podcast focuses on the specific challenges women face when they are looking for investors or trying to become an investor.

“My goal is to increase the number of women-owned businesses that get funding, and I believe that I can achieve that by helping women understand what it takes to invest in businesses,” explains host Rose Vitale. “Women generally don’t like to talk openly about their successes. Yet, I know that hearing stories from other powerful women can be all it takes to light a spark in a woman who wants to become an investor or is trying to figure out how to raise capital for her business. That’s why I created a platform where powerful and successful women can openly share their stories and inspire other women.”

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Every week, the podcast welcomes women who have built success as either business owners or investors. Guests are given the opportunity to share their stories in their own words with an audience of female entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors.

The Female Angel Investor speaks with women who work in all industries. She is currently seeking women who want to be a guest on her show. The podcast has a five-star rating on iTunes and is also available on Spotify. Women who want to become a guest on Women in Business Podcast can visit the website to learn more and apply today.

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